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Our Program

Our mission is to provide quality counseling services and Educationally Related Mental Health Services at an affordable rate to a population that benefits tremendously from school-based services. Our Therapists are on campus to help children and teens work through personal issues, and are also available to help with conflict and crises that come up day to day in the classroom. When working with students with disabilities we provide services that will help the student receive meaningful educational benefit in the least restrictive environment. We work closely with school personnel to be sure the students and school districts are receiving excellent services.

Who are the Therapists?

Therapists who are Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, or Licensed Clinical Psychologists or are working towards licensure. The pre-licensure Therapists are supervised by Miri Center Licensed Psychotherapists. We are very selective during our hiring process and only hire Therapists that have already completed their Graduate Degree, and those that we feel would be a great fit for the particular program and population being served.

Educationally Related Mental Health Services

We are a Non-Public Agency and provide Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) for schools districts throughout California.  We offer Mental Health Assessments, Individual counseling, Group counseling, Family Counseling, and staff Consults.


Following are a list of school districts we have worked with:

Northern California

  • Alum Rock Union School District

  • Berryessa Union School District

  • East Side Union School District

  • El Dorado County Office of Education

  • Evergreen School District

  • Franklin-McKinley School District

  • Gilroy Unified School District

  • Lakeside Joint School District

  • Milpitas Unified School District

  • Morgan Hill Unified School District

  • Mt. Pleasant School District

  • Newark Unified School District

  • Oak Grove School District

  • Orchard School District

  • San Jose Unified School District

  • Stanislaus County Office of Education


Southern California

  • Compton Unified School District

  • East Whittier City School District

  • El Rancho Unified School District

  • Little Lake City School District

  • Los Nietos School District

  • South Whittier School District

  • Whittier City School District

  • Whittier Union High School District

SELPA Contracts

The Miri Center is pleased to announce that we have Master Contracts with the following SELPAS:

  • Santa Clara County

  • San Mateo County

  • Monterey County

  • Contra Costa County

Services for Special Day Classes

We have contracts with school districts for full-time Miri Center Therapists to provide services in ED classes and Counseling Enriched classes. Our classroom therapists get to know students and staff very well, providing individual, family, and group therapy, staff consults, behavior management, crisis management, and support services throughout each school day.


Services at Alternative Schools:

We have full-time Therapists providing services at County Alternative and Community Day Schools. They offer individual, group, and family therapy, parent support groups, staff consults, and parent consults.


We provide Psycho-Education Assessments, ERMHS Assessments, IEEs and Speech-Language Services and Assessments.

Now Offering TeleTherapy Services

The Miri Center is now offering TeleTherapy for schools and for individuals seeking out private therapy for their child, teen or family. Because of recent advances in communication technology, the field of TeleTherapy has evolved. It has allowed individuals who may not have local access to a mental health professional to use electronic means to receive services, which we are grateful for during shelter in place and social distancing. There are some differences between TeleTherapy and face to face therapy, so please feel to reach out for a consultation to discuss the difference between the two. 

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