We are a team of Mental Health Therapists and Assessors who have experience working in school-based settings and understand how school based services differ from those provided in other mental health settings. Our Mental Health Clinicians and Assessors are warm, empathetic, professional, and have a passion for working with youth.


We provide school-based services throughout Northern California and Southern California.



Jenifer Miri, Psy.D. is the Founder and President of the Miri Center.  She has always had a passion for working with children and teens.  In 2002 she discovered her love for providing school-based services while working as a Therapist in a Special Education classroom.  She has a true understanding of how different school-based mental health services are from agency based services, and teachers, administrators, parents and students appreciate this.  Dr. Miri spends a great deal of time communicating and collaborating with staff to ensure that students and schools are receiving the best on-site services possible.  When she isn't working she enjoys reading, traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with her three children and husband.


Jennifer Holmberg is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the Director of School Based Services for the Miri Center. She joined the Miri Center in 2012 and has over 19 years of experience working with children, teens, and families in school based settings, agencies, and county programs.


Dr. Yang is a licensed psychologist with extensive clinical experience working with children, adolescents, teens and their families with a range of diagnoses. This particular area is where Dr. Yang's specialty lies. Some past and present agencies Dr. Yang has been associated with are Kaiser Child Psychiatry, Anka Behavioral Health, Casa Fremont, Santa Cruz County Children's Mental Health, Fremont Hospital Partial Hospitalization Program, and Santa Clara County Psychology services just to name a few. Dr. Yang has also provided services to adult clientele. Mental health services provided by Dr. Yang at The Miri Center include individual, group, and couple's psychotherapy. She also is the clinical supervisor for Northern California school-based Miri Center interns.


Megan Kubicek is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Program Manager of the Stanislaus County Office of Education contract, where The Miri Center serves Alternative Education schools.  In addition to her management position, Megan maintains a full time caseload of teens in a military themed alternative education school.  She joined The Miri Center in 2014 after spending time serving in non-profit agencies providing therapy to teens, individuals and couples with a broad range of issues, including addiction.  Megan specializes in trauma, youth who have been sexually abused and who have sexually acted out on others, and parent education.  Since joining The Miri Center, Megan has also taken interest in being well versed in Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) and Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) being utilized across education to assist in early intervention for the most vulnerable and academically unresponsive children in schools and school districts.

Our Additional Talented Staff

  • Shannyn McDonald, LMFT

  • Jacquelynn Montgomery, LMFT

  • Marci Nacu, LMFT

  • Maria Nevarez, Associate Clinical Social Worker

  • Christine Nielepko, LMFT

  • Stacey Redding, LCSW

  • Erin Watts, LCSW

  • Suh-wen Yang, Psychologist

  • Zachary Arnold, AOD Counselor

  • Dorothy Araldi, LCSW

  • Jane Bahou, LMFT

  • Crystal Davenport, Associate MFT

  • Naomi David, LMFT

  • Cindy Fong, LCSW

  • Lisa Garosi, LCSW

  • Kimberly Gladysz, LPCC

  • Jennifer Gonzalez, LEP

  • Jennifer Holmberg, LCSW

  • Karen Jeffrey-Wheeler, LMFT

  • Megan Kubicek, LMFT

All of our services are on-site and customized to be based locally to the client as we hire local clinicians once the district is ready to set up a contract. 

Northern California Territory

Founder and President of the Miri Center, Jenifer Miri, Psy.D.

6081 Meridian Ave Ste# 70-298 San Jose, CA 95120


(408) 247-4123

Southern California Territory

Director of School Based Services, Jennifer Holmberg, LCSW

2355 Westwood Boulevard  #1855

Los Angeles, CA 90064


(408) 247-4123

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