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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Do you only offer on-site school based services?

A:  Yes, we provide school-based services throughout California.  Before the pandemic a grand majority of our services were offered at the convenient on-site location of the school but now we are pleased to also offer virtual services via phone or video. 

Q:   How do school-based services differ from a traditional office session?

A:   We understand the importance of thinking outside the box for school-based services  and have the ability to fully integrate and adapt to the comfort of the child in this unique environment.  For example, you might find one of our Therapists on a "therapy walk" with a student or tossing a ball around with a teen that's resistant to the more traditional therapy office setting. This often increases the child's willingness to share, trust, and participate in a way that he or she may not do otherwise, which often leads to better therapy outcomes. You will also find our Therapists supporting students in crisis, and we recognize the benefit of working as a team with the school staff to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding how to support each student.

Q:   What type of service models do you use?

A:   We tailor our services to fit the specific needs of each L.E.A. Some districts contract with us to have multiple full-time Therapists provide services for students throughout all of their schools, while others hire us to provide services for just a few students. Some districts have us providing Psycho-Ed Assessments sporadically throughout the year until they become fully staffed with School Psychologists, while other districts have us providing several Psycho-Ed Assessments per month, long term. For some districts we have a full-time Therapist working in a Special Education class, while other districts hire us to provide services for the general education population.

Q:   Do you only offer services in one part of California?


A:   We are certified through the California Department of Education(CDE) as a Non-Public Agency (NPA) to provide Mental Health and Counseling services throughout all of CA.

Q:   Can we secure counseling services from a non NPA Counseling Agency?


A:   Not if the services are for an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Any service listed on an IEP must be provided by a certified NPA. The Miri Center is a NPA, so we are certified annually by the CDE to provide Educationally Related Mental Health Services and Counseling, which is a requirement for all agencies providing IEP services.


Q:   Does your team also provide teacher support in the classroom? 

A:   Miri Center Therapists offer support for teachers and staff through observations, consults, and trainings.


Q:   Do The Miri Center Therapists offer data sharing of goals, findings, and measured progress? 

A:    We believe a team approach is important when offering mental health support in a school-based setting, therefore we do share goals and progress updates, as well as feedback on how the teachers and staff can support the student in a more effective way.

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